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Britain, America and the battle for mastery of the Middle East

The legacy of the countries’ rivalry lives on in today’s bitter struggles for influence in the region and the fight for its resources

Eyes down for a game of Brexit bingo

Pundits and politicians unearth bewildering analogies from Britain’s past

Northamptonshire council handed £70m bailout

Local authority allowed to use proceeds from selling new headquarters on day-to-day spending

Brazil economy bounces back in third quarter

Russia asserts might over right in Ukraine

Moscow clearly does not propose to respect its 2003 maritime agreement with Kiev

Aerospace MBA accelerates career take off

Divya Manchanda is a successful airline pilot — so what made her sign up for the programme in Bangalore and Toulouse?

Oil rebounds after report Russia weighing output cuts

Brent climbs 2% in less than one hour with traders focused on upcoming Opec meeting

Why landowners fear liability for damage caused by fracking

Shale gas exploration could lead to legal action years later over environmental harm

ECB warns eurozone increasingly vulnerable to financial shocks

G20: Argentina and the World

Once a G20 ‘outlaw’, Argentina this week hosts the G20 summit. We assess how Argentina has changed, and the summit’s prospects, not least given growing tensions between the US and China

Ill-timed financial difficulties weaken Argentina’s clout

Problems overshadow host’s moment of prestige

Biznes żony byłego szefa KNF Marka Ch. „Ewidentny konflikt interesów”

Żona byłego szefa Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego Joanna Chrzanowska równocześnie zajmuje stanowisko wicedyrektora w NBP oraz prowadzi działalność gospodarczą i jest prezesem spółki MCC Grupa. Antoni Kamiński, profesor PAN, były szef Transparency International, ocenia to jako konflikt interesów.

Should you decide what you are paid?

Publishing employees salaries, or allowing people to set their own wages, offers intriguing insights into what motivates us at work

Long global forecast shortfall stirs fears for 2019

Excessive optimism early in 2018 cited as a reason for index’s 166-day weak stretch

Tiffany hit by weak Chinese tourist spending

Trump steps up Fed criticism ahead of Powell speech

Public attacks by US president have been joined by closed-door manoeuvring

Chinese scientist defends gene-editing experiment

He Jiankui is ‘proud’ of work and reveals another woman is pregnant with altered embryo

May insists analysis shows UK will be ‘better off’ under Brexit deal

Prime minister’s comments come despite official study showing long-term economic blow

Tasting notes: Fine wine MBAs grow to meet demand

Asian countries and students drive international interest for expert knowledge about the business

López Obrador poses bigger threat than Bolsonaro

Mexico’s new president will be unconstrained by institutions, unlike his Brazilian counterpart

Trump faces fallout of stalling US car industry

Despite president’s strategies to boost manufacturing, the sector is facing headwinds

Jack Ma/Alibaba: party line

Chairman is reminded that however big he is, the Communists are bigger